9 Eating Secrets Athlete’s Knows That You Don’t!

If you exercise regularly, you need to fuel your body. Top athletes stick to an extreme healthy eating diet which is powered by protein and ‘good’ carbohydrates. You don’t need to be quite so regimented though to feel some of the benefits that athletes experience. Here are some of the secretes that athletic coaches use to get the best performance from their athlete.

The right salt, and how much
There’s lots of debate about how much salt we need to stay healthy. For sure, the human diet needs a certain amount of salt to function, most of us get too much. Current recommended amounts are 6 grams a day, or about a teaspoon. This might sound like a lot, but many foods are brimming with hidden levels of salt. Breads, shop bought sauces, soups and crisps are just a few offenders. In order to consume the right amount of salt, use your common sense: pre packaged foods are usually high in salt, so avoid them. Photo Source